Justin Matlick

I started my career at the Wall Street Journal and spent a decade as a journalist. Then my life hit a crossroads when my infant daughter spent a long stint in the ICU. I came face-to-face with the challenge of understanding complex conditions and treatments, and with other parents who needed clear information. It inspired […]

Megan Herndon

After watching my dad fight multiple cancer battles when I was a teenager, I knew I wanted to help advance research. But I was also dead set on being a writer. In college, I learned I could do both through a writing internship at Fred Hutch. I started my career as a journalism fellow in […]

Erin Roberts

I’ve spent a decade helping clients in complex industries develop clear, compelling content for every channel. With a degree in public relations, I have a knack for always keeping one eye on the big-picture goals while diving head-first into details. I’ve had clients across the healthcare space, including pharmaceutical companies, hospital networks and CROs. So […]

Allie Rock

My philanthropy career started when I merged my interest in social change with my background in communications. I started my career on the fundraising communications teams at the University of Washington School of Medicine and College of Built Environments. Then I joined Seattle Children’s, where I led stewardship communications and worked closely with fundraisers, doctors, […]

Jennifer Fisch

My adventures in content began as a reporter for a small community newspaper in central New Jersey. After earning a master’s degree in communications from the University of Washington, I pivoted to help organizations like Virginia Mason Medical Center and Seattle Children’s tell their stories and build their brands. My goal is to always hit […]

Mike Mathieu

My writing career started in what might seem like an unlikely place: I spent more than a decade in live theater, touring the continent with a two-person comedy show and helping run a nonprofit performance space. I also edited books and, eventually, shifted gears and led creative campaigns at Weber Shandwick for clients including the […]

Jessica Levco

I’ve spent the majority of my career as a healthcare journalist, marketer and social media specialist. I have worked closely with clients ranging from community hospitals to the Mayo Clinic. What I like best about healthcare writing is telling patient stories. I also like interviewing doctors because I wind up hearing all kinds of tips […]

Colleen Cronin

Colleen Cronin

I’ve felt passionate about health and education for as long as I can remember. That has led me to work for over 20 years as a teacher, writer, editor and content strategist. I’ve written and edited educational articles, workbooks, newsletters, video scripts, blog posts, app content, marketing content, web pages, whitepapers and interactive conversations. I’ve […]

Angel Latterell

I started out doing project management as a complex litigation attorney. I didn’t even know the project management profession existed. However, when I realized that being a full-time lawyer for the rest of my life was not a good idea (!), I was pleased to know that I had other skills — and thus started […]