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Message Lab Media is a science communications agency with deep expertise serving all types of science and research organizations. We help organizations communicate what they do and why it’s important, in ways that resonate with the people they want to reach. 

Overall, we use storytelling to make science and research understandable and compelling. We create everything from website content to feature articles to fundraising appeals, in ways that help science organizations achieve their goals. 

Why Choose Message Lab Media for Scientific Content Creation?

Our science writers and editors are passionate about explaining science and telling stories that bring it to life. Organizations choose us because of our:  

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We’ve spent more than a decade working with top science and healthcare organizations and helping them communicate their work in ways that raise awareness and increase donations.



Everyone on our team has a background in content marketing and/or journalism, coupled with years of science and healthcare writing experience. We’ve interviewed thousands of researchers, research participants and donors. Our writers know how to ask questions that capture the science and its impact, so we can translate it into stories and campaigns that resonate with lay audiences – or whomever you’re trying to reach. 

Strategic Approach

Strategic Approach

Strategy is at the core of everything we do. We define or understand the goal of every project and each piece of content. Then we shape it to serve your organization’s mission, vision and values.



You’ll work directly with our leadership team, and have our full attention from early brainstorming to final review. Our experienced project managers make the research, writing and editing process seamless to keep projects on time and on budget.



We work with our clients for years, becoming an extension of their team and building close relationships with their leaders, researchers and fundraisers. This helps us establish trust with your stakeholders, become experts in your core science and research areas, and quickly deliver fresh ideas.

Proven Success

Proven Success

We have a strong track record of helping our clients achieve their science communication goals. Learn more about our work with clients.

Science Content Creation Services

We support organizations through all stages of science content creation. We can also partner with foundations and fundraising teams through our Philanthropy Communications Program, to use strategic science communication to help your organization reach more donors and inspire them to give. 

Our services include:

Science writing and editing

  • Web page writing to explain your programs, services and expertise. We audit and update existing pages or create new content with attention to search engine optimization (SEO). We have helped overhaul many large websites and have developed a process that makes this efficient and painless. Our process includes detailing the goals of a content overhaul, building templates that map out what each page should include, interviewing subject matter experts, delivering polished content and guiding it through stakeholder review.
  • Storytelling for blogs, newsletters, fundraising appeals and other content channels. We can manage the entire storytelling process. This includes defining the strategy and objectives, developing story ideas, interviewing subject matter experts, creating the stories and guiding reviews.
  • Managing publications, blogs and other content channels. We take on every aspect of producing and managing entire publications. This is especially helpful for small communications teams that need to produce publications but have limited time and bandwidth.

Content marketing strategy for science and research

Some organizations come to us with concrete goals and a detailed strategy. Others have an idea in mind, and partner with us to build a content marketing strategy that defines:

  • Communication goals and objectives for your organization as a whole, or for a specific project, initiative or fundraising campaign.
  • Key themes, pillars and/or messages that highlight what makes your organization special and the big ideas you want to share.
  • Your audience including who they are, the best ways to reach them and how to communicate in ways that resonate with them.
  • Voice and tone guides detailing how your organization communicates so your content sounds aligned no matter who creates it.
  • Ways to measure success and improve in the future.

How Can Scientific Content Creation Serve Your Organization?

Science is complicated. Donors may not understand how giving to your organization makes an impact. Research participants need to know what they’re signing up for and how their contributions can make a difference. Your community may not know how your research improves the world they live in. Science writing and communications can bridge this gap and serve your organization by: 

Providing clear explanations and compelling stories about what you do and why it matters. 

Raising awareness of your work by getting your name out there through search and social media.

Introducing your work to potential donors and strengthening your relationships with existing donors.

Get Started With Our Science Communications Services

Do you want to learn more? We’ll start with a call with our Founder Justin Matlick and other members of our leadership team. We’ll learn about your organization, and trade ideas about your challenges and how we can help you overcome them. 

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