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If you’re a nonprofit organization, content marketing is one of the most valuable ways to increase awareness of your work and inspire more people to support you. At Message Lab, our Philanthropy Communications Program creates nonprofit content marketing materials and campaigns for a wide variety of organizations. Whether you need to create a case for support, revamp your giving day materials or build the infrastructure for a multiyear campaign, our nonprofit communications experts can help.

What is Nonprofit Content Marketing and How Does it Help?

Content marketing for nonprofits is a strategic approach that uses different kinds of content – things like giving day campaigns, email appeals, videos and social media posts – to engage donors and move them to act. We can guide you through each step in the content marketing process, including:


Clarifying your larger goals and messages:

Content marketing for nonprofits starts with articulating your larger communications goals. What’s the number one thing you want your community and donors to know about you? And what do you want them to think, feel and do? We can help you articulate the answers to these questions. Then we can develop overarching key messages that capture what sets you apart and why people should support you.


Articulate your project’s communications goals:

From there, we work with you to apply your goals and messages to a specific content marketing project. For example, if you’re developing an annual giving campaign, we help map out what you want people to know this year.


Know your audience:

The next step is to define who your audience is and what they want to hear from you. We’ve developed a straightforward, affordable audience research process that answers these questions and lets you tailor your content to the people who believe in your work.


Define your messages:

Now we can put your goals together with your audience’s goals, and pinpoint messages that resonate.


Develop a content plan:

What content channels will you use and how will you use them? This can include things like newsletters, website landing pages, appeals letters and emails, social media, your annual report and asks to specific individuals. We can use our experience working with nonprofits to decide on which channels will be most effective for you.


Create the content:

Now for the fun part: Interviewing stakeholders and the people you’ve helped, and weaving their powerful human stories throughout your content in ways that engage and inspire.


Measure and improve:

Once you launch your project, we help you step back, evaluate how your content is working and adjust in ways that make it better.

Why Choose Message Lab as Your Nonprofit Content Marketing Agency?

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We’ve developed content marketing materials for small environmental nonprofits, large hospital foundations, colleges and universities – and more. Our work has helped these organizations raise millions of dollars. We know which approaches work and which ones don’t.


We take time to understand your organization, your communications goals, your target donors and why they should support you. We ask hard questions and help you create key messages and other strategic resources that will make your content and asks effective.


Because we specialize in working with nonprofits, we understand your dilemmas – and we know that your work is complex and often emotional. We know how to talk to your development team, your donors and the people you help. And we know how to turn their stories into powerful campaigns that honor the people you serve and bring donors closer to you.


Our commitment to excellence is at the heart of everything we do. We hold our work to the highest standards, which means you get what you need, right from the beginning.


We’re a mission-driven company, created to help organizations make an even bigger difference. Our passion means we’ll do everything we can to make your project successful.

Benefits of Nonprofit Content Marketing

As a nonprofit content marketing agency, Message Lab can help you increase:

Donations from existing donors

Awareness, so more people know about you and how you make an difference

Search engine rankings

New donors, who you can steward into long-time donors

Website traffic

Get Started with Nonprofit Content Marketing

Our process starts with meeting our Philanthropy Content Director Allie Rock and other members of our leadership team. We’ll get to know what you need, tell you more about our nonprofit marketing agency and trade ideas about how content marketing could help you.

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