Enter Our Nonprofit Communications Giveaway

At Message Lab, our Philanthropy Communications Program helps nonprofits share their stories with people who need and support them. We create communications strategies, campaigns, appeals, reports – and the powerful human stories that fuel them.

Along the way, we meet many nonprofits that struggle with donor communications because they have limited resources and can’t hire outside help.

That’s why we’re launching an annual nonprofit communications giveaway. The goal is to collaborate with a nonprofit to improve their communications, in ways that directly translate into more engaged donors and more dollars raised.

We will provide these services as an in-kind donation.
The application deadline is March 1st.

We invite nonprofits to apply for one of the following:

1. Give Day Communications Package

We will:
  • Lead a kickoff meeting (and additional meetings as needed) to understand your organization and your project.
  • Develop a nonprofit content marketing plan that defines how to make the most of your Give Day materials, and gives you a template to follow year after year.
  • Interview one of the people you impact whose experience illustrates your mission and your work.
  • Use the interview to write a feature story that you can use across your donor communications.
  • Create Give Day content for your website.
  • Write six to eight emails that will be sent across your Give Day campaign.
  • Write a “thank you” message to be used when you follow up with campaign donors.
  • Advise your team on best practices that will help you build your campaign’s digital infrastructure and execute your campaign.

2. Case for Support

We will:
  • Lead a kickoff meeting to learn about your organization, your programs and your fundraising priorities.
  • Review your print and digital materials to learn about who your organization serves and how you help them.
  • Interview up to six people to understand what to feature in your case, and to gather material for the stories it will include. This could include program staff, board members, clients and donors.
  • Write a four-page case statement that highlights:
    • Your mission and vision, and how your programs fulfill them.
    • Two to three short stories that show your real-world impact on people and communities.
    • Why people should support you – and how their support makes a difference.
  • Advise you on best practices for designing, printing and using the case.

3. Stewardship Strategy + One Tactical Stewardship Communication Piece

We will:
  • Audit your stewardship communications, so we can understand what you do and how it can improve.
  • Lead a kickoff meeting and two strategy meetings to understand your needs and map out best practices.
  • Review your giving statistics and help you determine stewardship segments.
  • Design an overall stewardship strategy that maps out the communications you should create, and which ones should be tailored to specific donor groups.
  • Interview one person who illustrates your impact, and write one stewardship piece that features their story. This could be a new donor welcome packet, a giving membership program packet, or a two to four page program or fund report.
  • Write a year-end thank you from a board member, your executive director or a client.

We will provide these services as an in-kind donation.
The application deadline is March 1st.

Questions? Please contact our Philanthropy Content Director Allie Rock:

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