Strategic Messaging for a $6.25 Million Fundraising Campaign to Protect Public Lands

For more than 40 years, the Greater Yellowstone Coalition (GYC) has been dedicated to protecting the lands, waters and wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The GYC marketing and development team came to us with an urgent need: They had six months to raise the final $2 million to stop a gold mine on Yellowstone’s border, by buying mineral rights, leases and claims for 1,598 acres of land.

The GYC team asked us to help them develop a series of key messages that distilled the complex issue and framed their campaign communications, setting up outreach to new and existing supporters.

The Solution

Our messages focused on the opportunity for donors to:
  • Participate in the history and legacy of preserving public land.
  • Bring people from across the country together to support their shared value of conserving Yellowstone for future generations.
  • Celebrate GYC’s commitment to crossing traditional boundaries and find solutions by collaborating with private landowners.
  • Develop a clear call to action, focused on the impact of this historic campaign to safeguard the legacy of the world’s first protected land.

The Results

In May 2023, GYC launched their public campaign built on the messages we developed. This fueled donor outreach that helped them cross the finish line and complete the purchase of almost 1,600 acres of land. Thanks to donors from across the country, this space will continue to serve as vital grizzly bear habitat, safeguard water quality and preserve Yellowstone’s magic for generations to come.

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